TTM Communications, Inc. Bay Area, California - Call for a free QUOTE: (408)-646-2059

Communications with a Happy Hello when you call (408)-626-9581 - Christie will be your best Admin to ever have worked with.


Our commitment is to you our clients. Every job is super important to us. We have Project based software to help manage our calendar and steps for each job. Every client will be kept up-to-date with email and phone calls to ensure that your project gets done quickly and on time. Our goal is to fully estimate the project up front and stick to our price making sure we communicate with the clients and all parties so nothing is missed.

During our initial process we will send the sales manager to meet with you on site to review the location and any plans that you might have. We will ask you several questions and this is all free. The quotation usually comes in one day to you via email. Once the job is accepted we put it into our software and we schedule per your dates.  We have internal office staff to help you with communication concerning steps of the project. Billing will occur after and in most cases it's a 30-day no rush and invoice.

We have much depth in the education and experience of our staff. 5 technicians have over 20 years experience installing and maintaining business phone systems and installing cabling infrastructures and commercial buildings. We also have a vast knowledge of residential installation practices. We have certifications from corporations that back up our materials.

Nick Rizzi the owner started started the company in 1994 after working for his father directly out of School. After more than 23 years of experience you can trust that he knows just about everything concerning a voice or Data Network in a commercial environment.

Aaron Ortiz was brought in buy Nick Rizzi over 20 years ago and during that time he has become the bay area's top technician in Telecommunications. He has put in over 1000 phone systems and probably wired more than 10000 cables.

Christie Griffin is our office manager and one of the most nicest people you will ever meet. Her goal is to follow up with clients treat them with respect and kindness. Also be on top of everything with her technicians were scheduling her finances and all aspects of the interoffice working here at TTM Communications.

Our Dad's before us worked as Data Cabling techs and taught us all they knew.

Now we lead the way to the future of Communications for you and our Company.