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Here at TTM Communications Inc., we are dedicated to you and all your different Cabling and Phone System needs.

We've been around for over 20 years and we've won several awards for the best Interconnect firm. But, our most important win is making you a happy, life-long customer. 



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Trust us to install your Certified Cabling Data Cat 5e and 6 and phones.



Cabling and Phone Systems

Phone systems

Both digital and VOIP systems are designed specifically for the client for their situation. Some Digital Phone systems like those for a Napa auto store need simple lines 1234 type setup. Some of the industrial and Technology companies need simple phones with an extension in their cubicle or office just in case they don't have a computer or a cell phone. Some companies want to buy their phone systems out right and not think of them again. Some companies want a hosted system from the cloud and pay per month and not have to worry about their investment. With that being said don't worry we have all options available for you and we will walk you through from conception to implementation holding your hand the entire way. We have professionals that will give you several proposals so that you know how much it will cost per month comma up front, installed. Of course we never leave out hidden cost for installation, training, maintenance.


Cabling is our bread and butter and we probably wire up near 60,000 cables a year.  We will help you pick out the type of cable you need for your office or home whether it is category 5e or Category 6 and or maybe you need some feeder cables made out of fiber. Sometimes we have to run coax for Comcast and other TV and video needs. Don't worry hear it TTM Communications we can install a TV on the wall run the wire and connect it for you. We can run 400+ cables with three or four cables if you wish at each station in your office. We can put in cabinets and racks with ladders inside your equipment room to help you manage your data Network with ease.

If you need your cameras or your speaker wire install and the device is mounted no problem we can handle it. If you need a simple wire ran at your house a place of your residence someone you can trust to put in a camera no worries TTM Communications can handle it.

  • Same day company onsite free Cabling quotation and PBX Business Phone System analysis - FREE
  • Technicians assigned to your Account
  • NEC, Switchvox, Cisco, Panasonic, Polycom, Leviton, Avaya, Certified
  • Carrier Services - Fiber Optics to the Internet and Hosted PBX or PBX Premise Systems Phone/Internet Billing support all FREE
  • Free Phone Bill analysis​

High speed internet and phone service

We partner up with companies like AT&T telepacific Comcast to mention just a few. We can get quotes from over 50 hosted VoIP companies. They all have their own way of pricing and installation and also offerings of equipment. Our goal is to get a product that fits you. The carriers pay us directly and you do not have to our service to you it's free. You want one quote or do you want 20 quotes we will do everything for free until you find the carrier service that is giving you the highest speed internet you need in the best quality phones that service your type of company. We have over 300 companies that we have signed up service for with various different companies trust us we are professional and can answer every question

Security cameras and paging including music and video

Don't hesitate to ask us to mount your TV or put up a speaker for your paging in your Warehouse. If you need a security camera system installed and provided for your office or residential area we can do that as well. We used top-of-the-line equipment and will even install your equipment that you buy. We understand that you can go to Fry's or Best Buy and pick up his system but not always do you have the time to install it. We will help you learn how to program the system you purchase whether it is a TV or a security camera system or an access point. Or you simply want us to take care of the project no problem we will send you spec sheets and quotations and our process on installation with cost before we start.